Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arianna Pisses Her Pantyhose

You all remember the lovely & busty MILF Arianna Labarbara right? She’s wet everything from tight jeans to panties & stockings but you haven’t seen her peeing her pantyhose yet in this lovely & seductive video where she HOLDS HER BLADDER on purpose!! She keeps drinking water until she’s bursting to pee but she keeps holding & bouncing for you, her sli legs clad in sheer sexy pantyhose under a very sexy party dress. While she’s crossing her legs she’s talking slow & seductive to the camera, telling you exactly how her full bladder feels and how she loves holding it; what I like best is her recounts of old wetting pants stories. Once she can’t hold it any longer she stands up for te BIG RELEASE and she moans in pleasure as she wets herself completely, her hot PEE splashing through the material loudly. What a tease she is!! Wouldn’t U like her to be your GF and you can get this female desperation show all the time!


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