Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bonus Alex wetting video

female desperation wetting in her pants panties jeans pic

I just added an older video of the popular model Alex, never been seen before & added in the BONUS SCENES section! She is wearing super skin tight pink pants and a sexy tank top, showing off her cute body. She's been drinking a ton of water and playing a hold it game with herself... with the toilet just inches away, but she loves how full her bladder is and clenching her muscles to hold it all in. Alex really actually had to go BADLY and you can see in the video how she starts shaking and breathing rapidly before she loses bladder control and pisses her pants uncontrollably. The pants are PERFECT for showing off the wetness, making very dark streaks all the way down. The bathroom floor was SOAKED with her urine afterwards... It was one of my fave moments, to see her true desperation up close, esp in such tight clothes.

Alex hasn't been available recently due to personal issues otherwise I would have filmed her peeing her pants MANY times over. She was one of the models that even suggested public situations... *sigh*


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