Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kenna pees her jogging pants

kenna valentina wetting spandex yoga pants

Kenna Valentina always looks hot no matter what she wears & today she's out for a jog in the sun, wearing peach yoga/jogging pants with a visible panty line showing. You know it's hard for her to job with such a full bursting bladder but she does it... and she stops dead in her tracks as it's pouring out, making a loud hissing noise as she pees herself in total embaressment and shame.  She makes a huge puddle of piss on the ground & now has to walk back home like that.  Good loud piss hissing noises in this one.  Dowload kenna videos here

Brookelynne Briar pisses her cheerleader uniform

brooklynne Briar peeing pissing cheerleader uniform

How hot is it to see the same girls peeing the same outfits you've seen other girls already wetting in the past?  You know some other girls piss has soaked through the material.... now wouldn't it be even hotter if they weren't washed and the 2nd or 3rd girl re-wet them?  anyways, this time the lovely Canadian model Brookelynne Briar is super desperate to pee, wearing a very well used cheerleader outfit you may recognise!  Very hot desperation with a lot of begging, pleading and great facial expressions until she pisses her panties! download Brookelynne Briar wetting herself

Katie morgan pees her pantyhose

katie morgan pissing panties wetting panty

Katie Morgan is just trying to get to work without wetting her cotton panties & pantyhose.  But she feels it leaking out into her panties so she sits down & pisses her panties fully, the pee splashing onto the concrete below and making a big wet puddle! So very hot... download this & over 400+ exclusive OMORASHI VIDEOS here

Star pissing super skintight jeans

skintight tight jeans pissing wetting video

Star Nine is trying to hide her bladder desperation as she gets stopped by the cops & made to do DUI tests. She can't hold on forever & she gasps and freaks out as her pent up hot pee starts gushing through the tight denim & splashing onto the concrete below! She completely wets herself & this scene is actually her FIRST time ever wetting pants/jeans.  it's an older video that I just put up now!  Download Star peeing her jeans

Tori Bell pisses her skintight jeans

tori bell redhead wetting jeans pee

If you call pissing your skintight jeans while sitting on the toilet "making it!" She really couldn't hold her bladder until the "mark" which is why this wetting video is so short, cuz she really HAD TO PEE!  Tori struggles with her jeans zipper but she's already losing bladder control so she sits down & just relaxes and pees into the toilet with a big relenting sigh.  download this video at my female desperation store!

Finally a cute ebony girl wetting

black girl peeing wetting panties pissing

Finally there's a hot black girl who's walking in her office clothes through the city but she just can't make it and totally pees her panties & stockings, making nice dark streaks of piss all the way down into her high heels.  Lovely spurting and streaming with TONS of pee in store. download it from my site

Natalie Storm classic jeans wetting

natalie storm pee pissing wetting jeans

You really can't go wrong with a classic jeans video, especially when it's a new model that you've never seen wet her jeans before! Her desperation acting is a little much sometimes but she's great with the loud gasping and bent over pee pee dance! It's a loud one as you can hear it hissing out & the pee is nice & shiny cascading down, like a waterfall, lol. Download jeans pissing video

Sinn Sage pees her yoga pants

sinn sage peeing pissing pants wetting jeans

Sexy pornstar Sinn Sage just can't hold it and pisses her white spandex yoga pants.  what else more do you need other than pissy wet spandex & a curvy round ass to fill it?  Even better after she pees herself since it's now see through! Very hot female pee desperation to download here